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Qigong is a worldwide health and exercise system that is steadily growing in popularity.

What is Qigong?

Qi = energy, life force, universe energy

Gong = work, skill, practice

Qigong = The skill or practice of working with the energy called Qi to foster harmony of mind and body.

Qigong has been present in China for several thousand years and it is at the root of the development of China’s traditional medical health system. Enduring to modern times qigong is a worldwide health system of exercise that is used for both prevention and treatment of diseases.

Qigong consists of exercises, either practiced individually or in short sets. Some qigong forms are as simple as opening and closing your hands together, and some forms are rather complex requiring concentrated learning effort. Genuine qigong contains three vital alignments: awareness of your body posture-standing, sitting, stationary or moving; correct breathing coordinated with body posture and breathing at certain depths of awareness, e.g. dantian breathing, fetal breathing or whole body breathing; and full engagement of the mind, whether focused on the physical body or the mind submerged in imagination of the cosmic healing potentials of the universe. When these three alignments are all in harmony, then this is the qigong state of mind, and that is the state of maximum healing potential.

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Swimming Dragon

Qigong Certification: I have developed a basic qigong 100 (125) hour course for those who want to go deeper into qigong for personal health reasons, or because they want to accomplish professional skills as a Qigong Teacher. I have developed two additional levels for those who want to achieve qigong mastery.

Daoist Immortals Discussing Qi Cultivation

Qigong Certification Course

100 (125) Hours

One of the strengths of the 100 (125) hour course is that students are taught over 30 different exercises, some of which are absolutely unique to this program and not found elsewhere.

100 Hour Program

Progress in the hour program is monitored through emails, personal contacts for local students (50 classes and 2 one hour private sessions), and completion of the training questions. Each section of study has questions that students answer in writing. Distance students may participate in skype or FaceTime contact to facilitate their learning experience. There is no final exam.

Students receive a set of articles, and information sheets, and there are two required texts to read, and a recommended list of books for more study.

Required books: The Healing Promise of Qi by Roger Jahnke and A Daoist Practice Journal: Come Laugh With Me by Michael Rinaldini

The program is not satisfactorily completed until all the above conditions have been fulfilled. Note: Although the main way of communicating between teacher and student is via the internet, this is not an online course. Active communication between student and teacher is required.

 The 100 hour level can be finished in approximately 6 months to a year.

 Optional 125 Hour Program

The 125 hour program includes an optional 25 hours that are devoted exclusively for a more thorough study on the topic of Qi and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The following two books are required to be read with accompanying written reports in order to receive the additional 25 hours.

A Brief History Of Qi by Zhang Yu Huan & Ken Rose      Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine In Everyday Life by Gail Reichstein

Students will receive links to instructional You-Tube Movies that will feature the qigong exercises.

Topics of Study

The structure of the 100 (125) hour program is divided into four main study areas.  Each area has reading assignments and Questions that accompany each study area which have to be answered in writing.

  1. Foundation studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Five Elements Theory, Organs and Meridians, Three Treasures, Qi, and the Dantians.
  2. Medical Qigong: A core group of exercises  are presented in the unlisted You Tube movies, which provide a solid foundation in qigong, self-massage, stationary and dynamic movements, etc. Some of the forms are rare to find, like the Pre-Heaven Taiji Ruler, Primordial Wuji Qigong, Compassionate Buddha Qigong, or Qigong Circle walking.
  3. Daoism and Daoist Meditation: To study qigong without an introduction to Daoism and Daoist meditation is only to partially study qigong. The course will introduce the student to important Daoist concepts and practices, especially a core meditation practice called Zuowang, literally meaning to sit and forget.  Students are required to purchase the teacher’s book, A Daoist Practice Journal for this section.

200 or 350 hour program.

The first requirement is the completion of the 100 (125) hour program.

The 200 and 350 hour programs are devoted to going deeper into different areas of qigong or Daoist zuowang meditation studies and practices. Areas of further study may include learning more about how to prescribe qigong exercises for particular health problems. Or, learning in greater detail how the individual exercises influence the meridian system and internal organs. Or, learn more about the energy system called the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

The unique feature about the 200/350 hour levels are that they are individually tailored to the student’s needs and interests. The length of these additional hours may take the student another 6 months to a year.

A special requirement for distance students, in either the 200 or 350 hour program, if they are not able to attend at least 5 local classes, is to attend my annual qigong and Daoist retreat. Without attending this retreat, Certificates of Completion for the 200 or 350 hour programs cannot be issued under no circumstances. The reason is that the student’s progress or achievement must be evaluated in person.

Annual retreats are usually offered in April or May. Visit the Retreat link to keep up with details on these retreats.

Cost of 100 (125), 200 and 350 hour levels:

The 100 (125) hour level is $700 for local students and $600 for distance students. The 200 hour level is $800 for local students and $700 for distance students. The 350 hour level is $900 for local students and $800 for distance students.

Distance learners receive the same information as the local learners.  The fee is payable in full at start of program, and is non-refundable.

General Info:

Students from throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Chile, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Israel and elsewhere have taken the course.  Upon finishing the program, the student receives a Certificate of Completion stating that the person satisfactorily completed a course of qigong studies with me.  For local students this certificate is generally recognized by the National Qigong Association (www.nqa.org) as a valid course of training for their Professional Qigong Teacher’s Certification program. Distance students will need additional contact with me to receive a letter of recommendation to the NQA for their certification. Students may enroll in the certification program at any time.

Paying by Paypal: Contact me via email if you wish to pay by credit card or Paypal, and I will send you a Paypal Request Bill for the different program options. Note: Extra fees apply for Paypal Processing fee.

Qigong Circle Walking

Qigong Circle Walking

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