Welcome to our small group of qigong practitioners in a residential community center enjoying the benefits of practicing indoors yet being located in a lovely rural setting next to a natural laguna wetlands.

Qigong & Circle Walking

Experience the life-nurturing arts of ancient China, a 5,000 year old Chinese healing system for health, physical fitness, and prevention of disease.  Our qigong practices function in many ways: To purify, gather, circulate, store, and transform the Qi. Walking in a circle holding specific arm postures is one of our main practices. These postures open, unblock and energize specific meridian and other energy centers throughout the body. Qigong and circle walking is beneficial for all ages, all health conditions, and even those practicing the martial arts as a way of developing inner strength.  Classes are on-going and new students can join us at any time.

Saturday’s 10:30-11:30 am, drop-in $10; $40 monthly

This Qigong and Circle Walking class is held at the Annex building ( 425 Morris St.), next to the main building of the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center.

 Daoist Meditation  is the process of emptying the mind of entanglements, attachments, habitual ways of doing things, and letting go of ego-centered being. The method of Daoist meditation we practice is called “zuowang,” or literally translated as “sitting in forgetfulness or oblivion.” This meditation class is structured around brief qigong warm-up exercises and brief qigong circle walking between (2) twenty minute sittings.

Daoist Meditation:   This class is now being offered to a small group of dedicated students at a private location, the class size is limited to a maximum of four students. There currently is an opening for one person to join us on a regular basis. Contact Michael.

Local Mini-Retreat-September 27-follow link

Classes in Santa Rosa through the Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks. Call 707 543-3737.  The next session of classes begin at the end of September, 2014.  Register directly with them. Class limited to 20. Fills early.

Michael Circle Walking in Qigong Classes

Holding The Ball Circle Walking

One of Michael’s favorite qigong forms is Bagua Qigong Circle Walking.  Popularly practiced as a martial arts form (ba gua chang), qigong circle walking is more therapeutic and meditative than its martial cousin.  We practice it often and Michael has his own DVD version of it which is available for purchase, along with other DVDs on his practice routines. Contact him about these DVDs.